Karaman Çiftlik Yolu Cad. Fetih Mah. Mobilyacılar Çarşısı No:49 Ataşehir - İSTANBUL
Tel.: (90) 216 472 33 19   Fax: (90) 216 472 33 20
     We have been manufacturing and rendering repair service for inflatable boat in the sector since 1990. Importing the boat fabric that is suitable for the boat system that we imported from abroad in line with the requests of our customers, we have been manufacturing new boat since 1994 until today while we had rendered repair and revision service for inflatable boat at the beginnings of 1990’s. Our inflatable boat products are 3-year-guaranteed against fabric and production defects, and in cases where this time limit has been exceeded, with any kinds of service guarantee, we guarantee repairing and sending through cargo shipment in 24 hours your boat that you sent to us from anywhere in Turkey.
    The basic reason why our organization that had served as a repair atelier at the initial years have shifted to new boat production is that we make our manufacture through exact handwork and paying attention to even the smallest detail, and that each repair we made has a 3-year-guarantee is another reason. Additionally, repair and modifications of all branded boats produced in the world are carried out by us under guarantee. Our company also offers any kind of old or new item barter opportunity to its customers in the purchase of new boats.
                                                                                                        Company Manager
                                                                                                        Hikmet  KARA